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Mohid Arf
Mohid Arf 16 ore fa
He should make mandos suit out of playbutton its the same as beskar😂😂😂
Asher Dufek
Asher Dufek Giorno fa
DDDDDDUUUUUDDDDDDDEEE this is the first ITpost video that almost made me cry!!!
Zain Plays
Zain Plays 2 giorni fa
ITpost: Hacksmith,You have now achieved your diamond play button congrats! Havksmith:Yay i am now going to slice it in half
Eli Jones
Eli Jones 2 giorni fa
Colourghost14 The stranger
Colourghost14 The stranger 3 giorni fa
I love the hacksmith
Boys state boys Forever
Boys state boys Forever 3 giorni fa
You should make a mini tank
tanjepe 4 giorni fa
Diesal one
Diesal one 4 giorni fa
Wynn Thompson
Wynn Thompson 4 giorni fa
Mr.tomatoe 73
Mr.tomatoe 73 4 giorni fa
Haha you own version of the fresh prince of belair theme song lol
Biofish Gaming
Biofish Gaming 4 giorni fa
I say that’s a good plan if I had a master plan it would be very similar. 👍
HudsonTv 5 giorni fa
You are the most hardworking ITpostr ever
LoneWolf15 5 giorni fa
they got theirs to light up better than LinusTechTips
Adam Yasser
Adam Yasser 5 giorni fa
Master Tux
Master Tux 6 giorni fa
B a s i c ITpost channels: wow I love and cherish my diamond playbutton Cool, Galaxy brain ITpost channels ( like hack smith): nice, got a diamond playbutton... let’s order 66 this thing!
Gh0stly Ketron
Gh0stly Ketron 6 giorni fa
I love your channel
Ashutosh soni
Ashutosh soni 6 giorni fa
We are awaiting human trials??
ronin gaming
ronin gaming 6 giorni fa
Normal people : I wouldn't let a scratch on it James : alright lets burn it Future James : why did I burn it 😭🥺 Another guy : *for views*
Lasar Pauls
Lasar Pauls 6 giorni fa
To be real first time I saw you I thought you were captain America
Com The
Com The 6 giorni fa
This made me cry
Rani Mahato
Rani Mahato 6 giorni fa
Anu Radha
Anu Radha 7 giorni fa
Lwhat happened to your beard
Iron man House
Iron man House 7 giorni fa
Iron man House
Iron man House 7 giorni fa
That was a good speech
Stardust Holy Crusader
Stardust Holy Crusader 9 giorni fa
I would love to live in a future where hacksmith industries is the leading company in engineering and robotics
Aryan Vlogs978
Aryan Vlogs978 9 giorni fa
I think he said break into 10000000 pieces because he got 10M subs
Joel Dwyer
Joel Dwyer 8 giorni fa
Well yes
Penny Starr
Penny Starr 10 giorni fa
3:30 that part is just sad in my opinion
ImpactedPlayz 10 giorni fa
These guys are gonna be the first to actually make a lightsaber
Sebastian J
Sebastian J 10 giorni fa
Why kinda ass dislikes this vid
Siddhant Vishnu
Siddhant Vishnu 11 giorni fa
I love you and your guys are amazing and inspire me to become an engineer. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!
TOV8 11 giorni fa
I’m so chuffed for you this is such a great video and I can’t stop watching it!
Stardust Holy Crusader
Stardust Holy Crusader 8 giorni fa
@TOV8 well, go figure, I'm from the states
TOV8 9 giorni fa
@Stardust Holy Crusader it’s more commonly said in Britain but it kind of means happy and impressed
Stardust Holy Crusader
Stardust Holy Crusader 9 giorni fa
Chuffed That's a new word for me
Eternia Starlight
Eternia Starlight 12 giorni fa
To the greatest hero this world will ever know: the hacksmith. People come, and people go. True legends, are forever. You are a true legend. You will find the team you need. If you put job applications, out there? People will sign up, to join you. If you have a website, for people to apply for a job working with the hacksmith? I can pretty much guarantee you: people will apply for the most desired position in the universe. People want to work with you. They just don't know where to sign up.
Eternia Starlight
Eternia Starlight 12 giorni fa
Hacksmith industries Inc. if Wayne tech industries Inc., And Stark tech industries Inc., Were to merge, and become 1 company? The answer to the question is hacksmith industries Inc. Well done hacksmith. You are living the dream. You are where so many people wish they could be. Keep up the good work. Keep going strong. The world needs people like you. Well done.
Ryan Brophy
Ryan Brophy 13 giorni fa
You need to do a project with Adam Savage!!!!
Ryan Brophy
Ryan Brophy 13 giorni fa
This was both awesome and painful to watch
Johnny Bautista
Johnny Bautista 16 giorni fa
5 Year Olds: Mom Are LightSabers Real? Mom: No Honey It's Just a Movie Hacksmith: **Busts Through Door** Hacksmith: **Takes Out Lightsaber** Hacksmith: Excuse Me, What?
Jorge Melendez
Jorge Melendez 16 giorni fa
That is cool
Toph Beifong
Toph Beifong 16 giorni fa
Just imagine if he forgot to press record.
Sans' Under Channel
Sans' Under Channel 18 giorni fa
Wow destroying a priceless item
kuba__pl_ 18 giorni fa
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 18 giorni fa
As a person would say when you become a famous it will not inspire the next generation in the future
MILOPUP 19 giorni fa
your videos inspire me to do amazing things and i ended up making and coding my first robot with your inspiration
Brian Mulloney
Brian Mulloney 19 giorni fa
So, what was the play button made out of? It looks like it was 2 different materials. The outer material that was melted looked like some sort of metal. The inner material looked like some sort of gem. Was it a real diamond? I find it hard to believe ITpost would send you a Diamond that friggin huge! I mean that would cost a small fortune! Right? Also, it looked like the inner gem material wasn't really attempted to be melted that much. The vast majority of the light sabre's focus was on the outer material. Makes me wonder: Could the light sabre have melted through the inner gem material?
Gamingwithdanny 19 giorni fa
Hacksmith:destroying a playbutton ITpost:no more playbuttins for you
Gamingwithdanny 19 giorni fa
This guy is the only reson thr world is good
Jonathan Nicholes
Jonathan Nicholes 19 giorni fa
Your videos really Inspire me as a fellow creator. I don't have anything too crazy but we're getting there.
Joelly 20 giorni fa
Hacksmith: ooh diamond play button let’s cut it in half. ITpost: nooooooo! We spent lots of money on that. Hacksmith: or well life is life
baosheng ma
baosheng ma 20 giorni fa
I like the vids
YUNUS PIRIM 21 giorno fa
watch it all
YUNUS PIRIM 21 giorno fa
definitely do not skip to 12:22
YUNUS PIRIM 21 giorno fa
this is very inspiring
Piano DNA - James
Piano DNA - James 21 giorno fa
15:17 that’s a much better play button, sadly u cut it in half
Piano DNA - James
Piano DNA - James 21 giorno fa
ITpost better give them a new playbutton
Noah 10
Noah 10 21 giorno fa
Just a suggestion but if you could make a plasma lightsaber duel that would be so awesome
Master Ideas Tamil
Master Ideas Tamil 21 giorno fa
Can you give your silver play button to me
Gnome Talk
Gnome Talk 21 giorno fa
Cut you gold and silver play buttons so you can make your 50,000,000 play button when you get there
Timmy New
Timmy New 21 giorno fa
Desmond Rain Ylaya
Desmond Rain Ylaya 22 giorni fa
Nico Vertefeuille
Nico Vertefeuille 22 giorni fa
she should feature videos of other people's projects so they can feel just like him
Nico Vertefeuille
Nico Vertefeuille 22 giorni fa
sorry typo
i 23 giorni fa
His knowledge help me made my own captain america shield wich i drove a car over it and it didnt break,you make my life so much more interesting
Artem Sheshenya
Artem Sheshenya 23 giorni fa
Andrew Mullen
Andrew Mullen 23 giorni fa
Can we get a duel
Alec manna
Alec manna 23 giorni fa
I love what you guys do I hope I can do something like what you do someday
kannan Ammu
kannan Ammu 24 giorni fa
Your You tube channel is very good
cleverestdevil 24 giorni fa
Dude, you're doing awesome. Thanks for the message to the board from the CEO.
Zan Penic
Zan Penic 24 giorni fa
It looks even cooler on the wall
Will S.
Will S. 24 giorni fa
why does anyone say his things arent good enough hes the biggest brain person ive ever seen
Ahsen FT
Ahsen FT 24 giorni fa
Otomatik oynattan geldim xbxbz
NINJA GAM3R PLAYZ 24 giorni fa
Navneet Singh
Navneet Singh 25 giorni fa
Make winter soldier metal arm
DD_EZYCLAPZ15 25 giorni fa
Dont u want to keep the playbotton so u can see in your room
Apple Legends
Apple Legends 25 giorni fa
So your telling me all Han Solo needed was a diamond playbutton and he would still be alive
Ahmad Afyouni
Ahmad Afyouni 25 giorni fa
what is this thing made of
dirtbag revolution
dirtbag revolution 25 giorni fa
This is an absolutely fantastic speech buddy we need more people like you in this world we need more type of this kind of thinking thank you for everything you have done
dirtbag revolution
dirtbag revolution 25 giorni fa
Feel free to ignore that That though
dirtbag revolution
dirtbag revolution 25 giorni fa
I’m really reluctant to say this but so any chance I could reach out to you for some help I’m in kind of a bad way
William Isles
William Isles 25 giorni fa
Qui Gon cutting through the door with light saber Hacksmith cut a play button
Royce L
Royce L 26 giorni fa
Ah the mighty diamond has fallen killed by jedi master hacksmith p7.
Smiley Face
Smiley Face 26 giorni fa
you so cool
Sum Yun Guy
Sum Yun Guy 26 giorni fa
It's a light... flame.
ShadowBeast 312
ShadowBeast 312 26 giorni fa
How can 5 THOUSAND people seriously dislike this video?!?
Tristin Exner
Tristin Exner 27 giorni fa
I think you should make a black panther soot and clas
Logan Shapiro-Shaw
Logan Shapiro-Shaw 27 giorni fa
I wish I could be part of this team. It’s amazing, so many amazing things created. So much brain power in that warehouse, jeez. I wish I have as much brain power as you have in your pinky. Granted I can create blueprints, drawings, how things work a little bit etc. but I don’t have the items, material, etc. but also I don’t put effort towards the materials, I actually enjoy drawing and coming up with some abstract ideas, o would put it together but the draw-ups is my favorite part. But I’m very happy to see you grow, and have the team you have. Finally so many subscribers it’s amazing. And now as I’m watching this you’re sitting at 11.8 MILLION, like damn dude, congrats to you and the team. Y’all are an inspiration and such down to earth people, I wish I could have a team like you guys have, and would absolutely love and wish to see projects being put together and visit. Amazing. I like the internship that’s awesome. More possible additions to the teams? Keep up the amazing work guys!!!
Ray Cook
Ray Cook 27 giorni fa
This is the only time I've left a comment for a youtube video. Way to go Hacksmith, I hope to see many more of your videos. I have always loved makers viedos, and you guys do a fantastic job making 200 hours of hard work into a 20min video that is enjoyable to watch. My nephew loves your videos too (after i introduced him to your captain america shield vid), and he has a 14yr olds attention span:). Don't let any mean commentary get ya down, you should be extremely proud of what you have made. I hope you get to see your dreams come to fruition with Hacksmith industries, and I'll keep an eye out for where you go from here.
GGKID TTV 28 giorni fa
Noooooooooooooooooo why
Brick Studios
Brick Studios 28 giorni fa
You... That my dream to have one of thoose
Chance Garrison
Chance Garrison 28 giorni fa
Cedgeemo 28 giorni fa
man i admire your determination and will to help the world, they aint many like you, at least who ive met and know about anyway
Cruz Aaron Martis
Cruz Aaron Martis 28 giorni fa
U just destroyed millions of dollars that could have funded ur videos
Zach M
Zach M 28 giorni fa
I love this channel, I’ve been subbed since 2016 and loved every second, well deserved
KingJ Cartoons
KingJ Cartoons 28 giorni fa
Mmmmmm diamond play button. My favorite breakfast on a Wednesday.
Ace Gabriel Cruz
Ace Gabriel Cruz 29 giorni fa
The 10Milliondiamond playbutton is saberproof and blasterproof material
Flameo hotman Studio
Flameo hotman Studio 29 giorni fa
The more you know
Michelle Ruttenberg
Michelle Ruttenberg 29 giorni fa
14:32 it looks so cool
plagueis501 Mese fa
6:34 just wanna say that the genius of all of you inspires me every videos.
plagueis501 Mese fa
That speech at the beginning was so real, and genuine. Every 5 seconds I kept looking down to see if I liked the video.
plagueis501 Mese fa
That speech at the beginning was so real, and genuine. Every 5 seconds I kept looking down to see if I liked the video.
Ida Abcede
Ida Abcede Mese fa
Sorry for losing your play button ▶️
DJ Jeff_GamingYT
DJ Jeff_GamingYT Mese fa
Congratulations on 10 Million Subscribers
Keith Waggoner
Keith Waggoner Mese fa
Dude... You are an inspiration. Hacksmith Industries is a relief from the everyday chaos of life. It’s because of you and your awesome team that people like me get to let their, “inner kid” smile! Don’t ever stop being who you are and what you do!!! You made it real. And you’re making it awesome!!!
Jordan Walters
Jordan Walters Mese fa
People who complain about you not building every project just have unreal expectations that they have inherited from popular culture. People idolize a public figure like Elon and get an image in their mind that he is the one hand building every rocket or car, and they forget that it takes more than a glass of water to carve a valley. History is filled with stories of lone heroes that could take on the world from Hercules to Stark but in reality they obviously couldn't exist. There are some famous people who try and encourage this public image of them being one of these heroes and that they really are a real life Tony Stark, but if people could see past the finely crafted public image and look behind the scenes they would know that it is the people behind the hero that make their vision a reality. Showing all the people behind the scenes making these ideas a reality and showing how many people it takes to make them reality is something to be proud of. Because true heroes don't take the credit for other peoples work, and they give credit to those that did help them achieve something, and most importantly they know that it takes more than one person to change the world.
decimalauto5140 Mese fa
Bro is speaking hard facts 🙌🙌🙌
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries Mese fa
thank you!
Fieraria lui Andrei
Fieraria lui Andrei Mese fa
This is The single video i dislike from this chanel
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