silence 2 ore fa
What is the force with which the clamps are closed? or what is the type of piston they used?
Carlos Damman
Carlos Damman 2 ore fa
Is real??
Mr. Bill Cosplay
Mr. Bill Cosplay 2 ore fa
Wow , i fan your
Mr. Bill Cosplay
Mr. Bill Cosplay 2 ore fa
Wow , i fan
Avnish Bhalotia
Avnish Bhalotia 2 ore fa
Please make umbrella that can hold human weight
The Pugging Gamer
The Pugging Gamer 3 ore fa
Don’t try this at home oh yeah I forgot I have 4000 degree lightsaber
Frank Flores
Frank Flores 3 ore fa
Make a tungsten katana
Noah Castles
Noah Castles 3 ore fa
if they make the grappling hook from titanfall 2 and the jump jets i will subscribe
FSL mtb
FSL mtb 3 ore fa
Ow yeah
Unknown_ ERROR
Unknown_ ERROR 3 ore fa
It's the guy from Fortnite
pizzaaa 110
pizzaaa 110 4 ore fa
i have all ready put my hand in fire
Tis the day thee legend was born
Drewtron3000 4 ore fa
Hamburger cheeseburger Big Mac whopper
ITendToOverThinkThis 4 ore fa
6:08....... 😳 uh S.H.I.E.L.D??!!
Vulcanozz Z
Vulcanozz Z 4 ore fa
Ive been waiting for this..
ITendToOverThinkThis 4 ore fa
He’s gonna end up founding a real Avengers team
James Cathcart
James Cathcart 4 ore fa
i like the captain America original shield better
Joseph G bricks
Joseph G bricks 4 ore fa
Because of the power being out I found out you only live 4 hours away from me thats cool
Harrel AW
Harrel AW 4 ore fa
Zack The Redneck
Zack The Redneck 4 ore fa
Day 1 of asking to make Tyrain Callows tail from RWBY
Zane Smead
Zane Smead 5 ore fa
Ahmad Hallal
Ahmad Hallal 5 ore fa
make it real Robocopgadgets
Dark 5 ore fa
Prepared for the zombie apocalypse
Agent Chronos
Agent Chronos 5 ore fa
USTS Soldiers are given nano suit with enhancements
Tony warisa
Tony warisa 5 ore fa
Can you make Annihilator from call of duty
Nhan Nguyen
Nhan Nguyen 5 ore fa
cool i played lords mobile
Ash Hole
Ash Hole 5 ore fa
CEO of: lassŌ
Brenda Morales
Brenda Morales 5 ore fa
How much?
super alen logan
super alen logan 5 ore fa
Can you chill with the dummys
Nos Rin
Nos Rin 6 ore fa
"It was a calculated risk, but it turns out I'm bad at math."
Бай Хой
Бай Хой 6 ore fa
You've constructed a lightsaber. Your skills are now complete
Sparky Projects
Sparky Projects 6 ore fa
There's a guy on a vid who chops through a stream of molten metal being poured from a crucible, i have also had some burning lighter fuel in my hand for a few seconds. Lightsabre in a vacuum ? The vacuum would pull out the gas faster, you would also want the cylinders outside for control and in the (possibly unlikely) event that they could explode due to pressure difference Get a small cheap vac chamber (used for dergassing epoxy) and a bunsen burner to test
Frankie Reyes
Frankie Reyes 6 ore fa
Imagine a scene in star wars of someone walking by huge panels of glass and the glass breaking due to the light saber
i like grand theft auto online 1234
i like grand theft auto online 1234 6 ore fa
now make omnidirectional mobility gear that is actualy functional and can make you fly around and stuff
Nugget Master
Nugget Master 6 ore fa
Make the montagne shield please
DevinTD09 6 ore fa
Na I don’t need that, I can buy 3 of those helmets, well, as of right now I can bye a lot......
RvL Dark Banana
RvL Dark Banana 7 ore fa
Ez no sniper e use a combat axe /fire ace with guns attach because gun axe
Nichole Cherrie
Nichole Cherrie 7 ore fa
May I buy one plesae?? Where do I buy them??
mark chin
mark chin 7 ore fa
Can I have it
Jaden Eves
Jaden Eves 7 ore fa
the tig welding hahaha
James Latta 2029
James Latta 2029 7 ore fa
if a video has one of these three things its a guarantee watch: a tank, a form of massive amounts of propulsion(i.e rocket engines jet engines),or hacksmith related because this is pretty much the only channel i watch
Corban Bredbenner
Corban Bredbenner 7 ore fa
Noticed that Bogen was not waring a mask indoors, so wish the US would get in gear and drop the dratted mask mandate. Everything i see on this channel is totally amazing.
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 7 ore fa
We're Canadian dude. Masks are only required when working near other people
Corban Bredbenner
Corban Bredbenner 7 ore fa
sorry for grammar trouble, and name misspelling. my spelling is terrible!
James Latta 2029
James Latta 2029 7 ore fa
12:44 i bet that car is so confused. same thing with 12:57
Kacper Pakuła
Kacper Pakuła 8 ore fa
Yo what about joker-rang
Jack McGrath
Jack McGrath 8 ore fa
Can I have the old trident
Mark Robbins
Mark Robbins 8 ore fa
Mines too I love Captain America😮
Cliche 2020
Cliche 2020 8 ore fa
Next year Hacksmiths builds miniature death Star😎😎 5 years GIGANTIC working DEATHSTAR😹😹😹😹
James Latta 2029
James Latta 2029 8 ore fa
3:15 nah it just be flying
James Latta 2029
James Latta 2029 8 ore fa
wait what kind of rocket engines were those
drew seb
drew seb 8 ore fa
yeah man i was totally gonna chop my hand through a 4000 degrees light saber thanks for telling me not to.
Ismael Larrañaga
Ismael Larrañaga 8 ore fa
Shut up and take my money
PartTimeLazy2 8 ore fa
It must feel so POWERFUL to be able to do that.
the parkour channel
the parkour channel 8 ore fa
casualy puls aout gun
izuku midoriya
izuku midoriya 8 ore fa
can u make rengokus sword from demon slayer?
Christian Builds
Christian Builds 8 ore fa
3:30 make it happen Elon
Midnight Pizza
Midnight Pizza 9 ore fa
13:20 is what your looking for
clip and new's
clip and new's 9 ore fa
In 3000: builds the first nano iron man mark 85 suit with all powet
noah bird
noah bird 9 ore fa
i wish i had money to make that
MinMax 9 ore fa
here from waterlooworks, wtf
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 9 ore fa
We've hired 10 UW students in the past 3 years! It's a fun place to work.
Brendanwa 9 ore fa
You should make the deloreon from back to the future that starts Generating Electricity from a Tesla coil or something of the sort when the car hits 88 mph, of course minus the time travel which will be paid dlc
James Latta 2029
James Latta 2029 9 ore fa
hacksmith:*bring umbrella to gunfight* other man: what the he- other man:*gets shot*
Elsa Oberholster
Elsa Oberholster 9 ore fa
Me: Id like my steak exetremely hot. Hacksmith: Alright then we'll light it on fire
Ali Rahman
Ali Rahman 9 ore fa
James Latta 2029
James Latta 2029 9 ore fa
nice! i got a sneak peak at the hacksmith restroom
Elsa Oberholster
Elsa Oberholster 9 ore fa
stop hacking
Iker Maheshwari
Iker Maheshwari 10 ore fa
How do you do it its amazing
Bilal Hasan
Bilal Hasan 10 ore fa
Iker Maheshwari
Iker Maheshwari 10 ore fa
I need one ot those iron man helmets
ClashComeback 10 ore fa
15:34 if you dont care about anything else
Nick's Bricks
Nick's Bricks 10 ore fa
I dunno.......I don't think that flamethrower........thing would may look cool but it's fire is really short
Warvvolf 10 ore fa
If you're take suggestions or requests how about building a thermite paintball gun shaped like a Covenant blaster.
Bsbs Shhs
Bsbs Shhs 10 ore fa
Some day they will make a portal of netherrelm
ben 10 ore fa
it happens at 15:33
THE DARK LORD 10 ore fa
Heather Simmons
Heather Simmons 10 ore fa
I just noticed dis guy looks like Jesus
Im_Ur_Evil_TWIN 10 ore fa
Me : Watches Hacksmith instead of studying for physics. Hacksmith : Teaches me physics. Me : Happy cause im learning but I don't need to study :)
Mr. Meme guy
Mr. Meme guy 10 ore fa
After this series you guys should try and make the overwatch standard issue pulse rifle
The Casual Player
The Casual Player 10 ore fa
Literally a building montage xD but satisfying
R Abril
R Abril 10 ore fa
Great Now make a barnacle grappler